The Picasso Principle - Holly Volpe Interior Designs
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During the later years of his life, Pablo Picasso used to frequent many street side cafes, where he would idly sketch passer-bys, seeking inspiration for his next great work.  One day a woman who excitedly recognized the great artist and approached him.  Taking advantage of the opportunity fate had bestowed upon her, she boldly asked the great master if he would consider sketching her.  Picasso agreed, and in a matter of moments she was presented her very own, signed Picasso sketch.  Being grateful, she of course offered to pay for the sketch and asked Picasso how much he would charge.  His reply was 5,000 francs.  Shocked, she exclaimed, “5,000 francs!, but it only took you a few moments!” Picasso responded, “No Madame, it has taken my entire life,” 

The Moral of the Story:  When you’re passionate about what you do, you bring forth everything in your entire life’s experiences, with you.

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