Halloween Tips and "Tricks" - Holly Volpe Interior Designs
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Halloween Tips and “Tricks”

Halloween is tomorrow and what better way to get in the spirit than to read our October Newsletter? Full of tips and “tricks” that will “treat” any home. If you’re feeling daring, you can use this bold and sleek look all year ’round!
The bedding, fabric, and wallpaper selections from our October Newsletter are bound to spook any space in your home.
This 100% Egyptian Cotton bedding is dramatic, but still delicate with it’s intricate and bold flower motif. Made in Italy, the attention to detail and craftsmanship is lavishly channeled through pure glamour.
A modern take on the Halloween season, this fabric will create the perfect atmosphere. Featuring 3D skulls on a saturated black background, you can easily use this for throw pillows, or if you’re feeling daring try some edgy window panels. This fabric is made from 66% Cotton and 34% Polyester.
Looking for a wallpaper to plaster the walls of your “haunted mansion?” Try this beautifully distressed, deep red wallpaper. Gold accents throughout will warm up your space, keeping it glamorous and sophisticated. If you have shivers down your spine about doing a whole room, place it above deep wood-tone wainscoting or an accent wall behind our bedding featured above.
To inquire about this bedding, fabric, or wallpaper, please contact our showroom at (732) 252-9900
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