Are you a 'fan' of fans? - Holly Volpe Interior Designs
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Are you a ‘fan’ of fans?

While air conditioners chill the air, fans are meant to circulate it which means they can be used for heating or cooling a space based on the season. In a bedroom, a ceiling fan is great to use for a comfortable sleep without needing to run the A.C. In outdoor spaces, a ceiling fan can create a tranquil retreat.

However, when using fans outdoors make sure the blades are weatherproof. Also keep in mind that damp-rated fans should not come in contact with water, but wet-rated fans are suitable for coastal and rainy areas.

Now, are you ready to purchase a new fan, but are not sure what size to get? We have a little cheat sheet for you!

75 square feet room = 29-36 inch diameter
76-144 square feet room = 36-42 inch diameter
144-225 square feet room = 44 inch diameter
225-400 square feet room = 50-54 inch

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